Cornerstone Minerals Celebrates Nature’s Art

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  • Cornerstone Minerals Savannah Georgia

Their shop may be a gem on Whitaker Street, but Greg Turner Sr. and his son are not grounded in Savannah. Their enthusiasm for crystal collecting, gem gathering and fossil finding takes them to mines all across the globe and trade shows throughout the United States to find and add to their gallery of gifts.

“We sell a wide variety of minerals, tumbled and collection pieces, over 300 million-year-old fossil specimens, natural home decor and unique jewelry pieces to become heirlooms,” Turner explained. “We hand-pick our merchandise from mines, prospectors and trade shows all over the world to provide our customers with high-quality pieces at a low cost.”

Eleven years after opening their first shop in Asheville in 2005, the Turner family welcomed guests into a new store in Savannah’s Historic District, one block from Ellis Square and City Market.

“We’re a good fit for Savannah because we can give visitors a unique experience,” Turner said. “Our staff is always learning about our products so that they may provide our customers a memorable experience and a new appreciation for earth’s art.”

Cornerstone Minerals Savannah

Photo by Andrea Six.

With their insightful staff, Cornerstone Minerals is more than  mineral market or rock shop—it is a museum of knowledge set in a carefully curated store. Their team doesn’t only point customers to stones or gems they might be looking for, but teaches them about the pieces.

“We learn about the geological aspects of minerals and fossils that we carry in the store and have books to consult when we want to learn about the metaphysical properties of different crystals,” Interior Design Saleswoman Melissa Garcia said.

The store is filled with everything from a 2,500-year-old walrus skull found in St. Lawrence Isle, Alaska to a large selection of jewelry with stunning stones and gleaming gems. Children are delighted to find basketfuls of assorted collectible stones.

“We have minerals and fossils from as far as Australia, Madagascar, Morocco, Argentina, and as close as Wilkes County, Georgia,” Turner revealed.

Their most popular items include Himalayan salt lamps, banded onyx (a.k.a travertine) chess boards from Pakistan, large crystals such as the Bolivian amethyst clusters and smoky quartz points, meteorites and their Megalodon teeth, Russian cave bear claw and fish tile fossils. Store item pricing varies widely, from $1 per gram for blue and green kyanite and tumbled stones starting at $2, to as much as $30,000 for museum-quality fossil and mineral specimens.

Step inside and be amazed by the gleaming gems, giant geodes, amazing amethysts and all kinds of colorful crystals. It’s not just a shop for collectors or the “salt of the earth” crowd, but a place for curious kids and adults alike to discover and learn about this unique art form nature.


Cornerstone Minerals is located at 36 Whitaker St. For more information, call the store at (912) 298-0200 or go to