The Parks of Savannah

Savannah is famous for its beautiful towering oak trees, greenery and Spanish moss. Here’s a little bit about what you need to know to make the most of your time in Savannah’s parks!

Forsyth Park


Forsyth Park is undoubtedly Savannah’s largest and most popular park, created in the 1840s from 10 acres of land donated by William Hodgson. It not only boasts two playgrounds, two huge fields, tennis and basketball courts, but also the famous Forsyth Fountain, a Confederate Memorial, a half shell theatre and a cafe that serves lunch.

Morrell Park

Morrell Park in Savannah


Morrell Park is the only Savannah park that’s right on the river. It’s home to two statues, Savannah’s famous Waving Girl statue honoring Florence Martus and the cauldron that was lit for the Olympic yachting events, held in Savannah in 1996.

Emmet Park

Emmet Park in Savannah Ga

Emmet Park is located just south of Morrell Park on Bay Street. Named after Irish orator and patriot Robert Emmet, it covers a fair amount of the side of the street and is home to the Chatham Artillery Monument, the Celtic Cross Monument and the Vietnam War Monument.

Salzburger Park

Salzburger Park

Salzburger Park is located on the west end of Emmet Park between Lincoln and Abercorn Streets. This half-acre of land was named after the first group of German-speaking Lutherans, known as the Salzburgers, who were expelled from their home in Austria, and features the Salzburger Monument of Reconciliation, which tells their story.

Mother Matilda Beasley Park

Mother Matilda Beasley Park

Located at 500 E Broad Street is a park honoring Mother Beasley, the first African-American nun in the state of Georgia, who founded the St. Francis Home for Colored Orphans With a dog park, playground, soccer field and baseball diamond, Mother Matilda Beasley Park is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors.