Ellis Square

  • Ellis Square in Savannah

Savannah’s Ellis Square is one of the city’s most exciting spaces, with a water fountain for kids to run through, shaded tables, a life-size chess set, CAT bikes available for rent and the entrance to City Market on the west side of the park and Paula Deen’s The Lady and Sons restaurant, just one block east on West Congress Street.

Johnny Mercer in Ellis SquareThis square was designed in 1733 and is one of the three “lost” squares. It was originally known as Market Square and was the location of four different public markets between 1733 and 1960. In 1954 it was demolished to make room for a parking garage and in 2005 the parking garage was destroyed so Ellis square could be restored.

The square now has its name to honor of Henry Ellis, the second Royal Governor of Georgia. Located on the square is the John Herndon “Johnny” Mercer Statue to honor a native Savannahian who wrote the song “Moon River” and nearly 1,400 others, co-founded Capitol Records, Inc. and was founding president of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, nominated for 18 academy awards for best song, of which he won four Oscars.

Nearby you’ll find one of the most popular breakfast spots in Savannah, Goose Feathers Cafe on Barnard. If you’re out and about any day of the week, be sure to stop by Ellis Square to see what’s going on downtown.