Crawford Square

  • Crawford Square Sign

No other square in all of downtown boasts the benefits of a small park like Crawford Square, which not only has a basketball court but also a gazebo.

Crawford Square is also unlike most of its counterparts now because it is the only square with a fence remaining around it – even though all 24 squares did at one time. Designed in 1841 and named in honor of William Harris Crawford, a previous state governor and senator, Crawford Square was once – during the Jim Crow period – the only square that allowed African-Americans to pass through and their kids to play.

  • Crawford Square Gazebo

The square still contains part of a water cistern from the nineteenth century. Many of the city’s squares contained these water cisterns to help fight fires. They were built throughout the 1830s and 1840s and their depth ranged from nine feet, two inches to 13 feet, five inches.