Breweries in Savannah, GA

Savannah’s burgeoning beer scene boasts an intoxicating array of ways to enjoy a cold craft brew. From the heart of the Historic District, where visitors can enjoy the open-container law and explore the city with a drink in hand, to the hoppin’ breweries spewing with creative, limited-edition batches, Savannah offers more than a few places to enjoy a pint. Quench your thirst with a local craft beer and raise a glass to Georgia’s First City!

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World of Beer

112 W. Broughton St. | (912) 712-3560

The Distillery

416 W. Liberty St. | (912) 236-1772

Coastal Empire Beer Co.

79 Ross Rd. | (912) 335-2804

Two Tides Brewing Company

12 W. 41st St. | (912) 667-0706

Southbound Brewing Company

107 E. Lathrop Ave. | (912) 335-1737

Moon River Brewing Company

21 W. Bay St. | (912) 447-0943