13 Secrets Brings Jewelry to Oglethorpe Avenue

Posted on February 16, 2017 by

  • 13 Secrets in Savannah

It’s no secret that folks living in Savannah embrace the town’s artistic side, and those who visit, for the most part, come to see the city’s craftiness. Savannah’s emerging art scene celebrates designers of all mediums, including the art of jewelry and jewelry-making. Savannah’s newest boutique for designer gems, 13 Secrets, aims to broaden the local jewelry scene by bringing together a diverse group of artists and displaying them in the same room.

Oglethorpe Avenue 13 Secrets in Savannah

All photos courtesy of 13 Secrets.

Located in the Historic District on the alluring Oglethorpe Avenue, perched among Posh, Petals and Pearls and the Oglethorpe Gallery, 13 Secrets offers an array of quality adornments—from earrings and necklaces to broaches, bracelets and even some silk scarves. Designer and owner of this accessories shop, Chad Crawford, said the idea for the store was, from the beginning, to create a space for multiple jewelry designers to feature their work.

“Art is mostly thought of in the sense of drawings and painting,” Crawford said. “This gallery features art by individual jewelry designers. I wanted a space that we could rotate artists in and out so that the people of Savannah could see the amazing works of artists around the world that I have met along my design journey.”

The shop’s name derives from Georgia’s status as the 13th colony established in the original lineup of colonies. Crawford said 13 also happens to be his lucky number, and Savannah’s built-in haunted factor made it a practically perfect and appropriate fit.

Like most shops in Savannah, 13 Secrets began as an idea stemmed from Crawford’s affinity and admiration for designers. Transforming the concept of a jewelry store into a physical, functioning business was, as Crawford admits, a tad overwhelming.

“First, finding a location is the most challenging of the steps,” he said. “Once we had that, designing a space is very different from designing jewelry. The goal of the gallery was to create a warm, friendly, welcoming environment where you can walk through and see every artist and piece.”

  • 13 Secrets Savannah
    Photos courtesy of 13 Secrets.

The featured artists, the “Original 13” as Crawford calls them, connected with Crawford throughout his travels during the last 10 years. He befriended the Original 13, and has since encouraged and promoted their work through his profession. “As we move forward, we are always open to people showing us their work and becoming a part of an event,” Crawford said.

When it comes to design, Crawford said 13 Secrets seeks out all types of jewelry styles ranging from simple and traditional up to the avant garde. Inside this enchanting shop, guests will find everything from wooden bracelets and necklaces made in Israel to Robin Haley artifact necklaces handmade in Nashville and Lotta Djossou jewelry made in Paris, not to mention Crawford’s own jewelry line, Andrew Hamilton Crawford, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

“Everyone that comes in speaks highly of the look, feel and merchandise,” Crawford said. “We are in the beginning stages of the gallery, so as word spreads it is quickly becoming a must-see in Savannah.”


13 Secrets is located at 426 Oglethorpe Avenue and open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. For more information, call the store at (912) 484-0985 or go to 13secret.com.