Restaurants in Savannah, GA

Savannah restaurants have earned a reputation as some of the best dining options in the South. Georgia’s First City embraces contemporary cuisine while staying true to its culinary traditions. Each of the city’s unique dining establishments offers distinctive flavor in both cuisine and décor. Dine at a quaint outdoor café under the stars one night, feast at a fabulous five-star restaurant another. Dining Savannah-style combines a fun, chic ambiance with flavors from every corner of the world, along with distinctive Lowcountry cuisine and fresh seafood. Bon appetit!

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Savannah Riverboat Cruises

9 East River Street | (800) 786-6404

The Roastery Café/Savannah Coffee Roasters

215 West Liberty Street | (912) 238-2426

Crystal Beer Parlor

301 West Jones Street | (912) 349-1000

Six Pence Pub & Restaurant

245 Bull Street | (912) 233-3156

Goose Feathers Café

39 Barnard Street | (912) 233-4683

Belford’s of Savannah

315 W. Saint Julian St. | (912) 233-2626