Tybee Island Beach Rules and Regulations

When you visit Tybee Island’s beaches, please obey the following beach rules so everyone around you can also enjoy their trip to the beach.

Prohibited on Tybee Beaches:

Disorderly Conduct
Overnight Sleeping / Camping
Climbing on Jetties and Rocks
Swimming and fishing in undesignated areas
Disturbing Dune Vegetation and Walking in the Dunes
Jumping or Diving from the Pier or other Public Structures
Removal of Live Marine Life
Littering – Cigarette butts count as litter
Unauthorized Motorized Vehicles

These rules are strictly enforced by the City of Tybee Island and have a maximum fine $1,000. To see more details about the rules and regulations on pets, fishing and other regulations see the list from the City Ordinance, Chapter 12, below.

1. Swim in designated areas. It is unlawful for any person to swim outside of the area extending 50 yards from the water’s edge.

2. Put litter in trash bins. It is unlawful to throw, place, deposit, sweep or scatter, or cause to be thrown, placed, deposited, swept, or scattered, any paper, food, cigarette butts, bottles, cans, trash, fruit peelings or other refuse upon the beaches or structures erected thereon. Beach goers must contain their trash at all times.

3. No glass or breakable containers. It is unlawful for any person to take or carry any glass or breakable containers on the beach.

4. No pets. Dogs and other animals are NOT allowed on any of Tybee Island’s beaches. Violators are subject to a $290 fine for the first offense. This does not include properly certified guide dogs, or similar animals assisting the blind, deaf, or other physically handicapped persons.

5. No motorized vehicles. Motorized vehicles, including includes automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, all-terrain-vehicles and similar motor driven vehicles, are not allowed on the beaches. This does not include properly marked emergency vehicles while in the course of an emergency operation, or maintenance/utility vehicles in the employ of the city or similar governmental entity and engaged in a legitimate operation.

6. No motorized watercraft by shoreline. It is against the law to operate any motorized watercraft, such as a jet ski, motorboat or any other similar watercraft, within 1,000 feet of the waterline on any part of the beach between the north and south rock jetties.

7. No beach fires. It is against the law for anyone to build or maintain any type of open fire on the beach, including any type of charcoal fire, whether or not in a grill or similar container.

8. Don’t disturb dune vegetation. It is unlawful for any person to pick, gather, remove, walk in the dunes, or otherwise disturb the vegetation present on sand dunes, including sea oats.

9. No surfing or fishing in unauthorized areas. There are designated areas where surfing and fishing is allowed; all other areas are to be reserved for swimming and other activities.

10. Obey lifeguards’ commands. It is unlawful for any person to deliberately disobey any reasonable command of a duly appointed and identified lifeguard while in the legitimate performance of his duty, such commands being intended to ensure the safety of persons using the beach and any structures erected thereon.

11. No disorderly conduct, endangerment of self or others. It is unlawful for any person to come to the beaches and do any act or create any condition which does or is calculated to encourage, aid, abet, or start a riot, public disorder or disturbance of the peace.

12. No nudity on any of Tybee Island’s beaches.

13. No beer kegs. The presence of beer kegs on the beach is often associated with underage drinking, littering, public intoxication and disorderly conduct and because such activities are in direct conflict with family recreation, such containers and similar devices for dispensing of large quantities of alcoholic beverages are expressly prohibited.

All persons entering upon the public beaches, must obey these rules and regulations. Failure to follow these rules constitutes a violation of this ordinance and can result in a fine, community service requirements or even jail time.