St. Patrick’s Day Wristbands

$10 Per Day | Friday, March 15-Saturday, March 16, 2019

River Street St Patricks Day

Photo by Andrea Six.

During St. Patrick’s Day weekend—from Friday, March 15 to Saturday, March 16, 2019—a wristband policy is enacted for those who wish to drink alcoholic beverages outside. Wristbands must be worn in the “control zone,” the downtown area also known as party central, if they have a to-go cup and are drinking on the streets. This includes the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, and even parts of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade route downtown.

The control zone spans from East Broad Street to MLK Boulevard and the Savannah River to Broughton Street, west of Drayton Street. To the east of Drayton Street, the control zone is only from Bay Street to the Savannah River.

The 2019 St. Patrick’s Day wristbands are $10 for each day and can be purchased at several booths downtown, around City Market and River Street. There will signs directing people to the booths and tents at which the wristbands will be sold. Individuals can use cash or credit cards to purchase the wristbands. To obtain a St. Patrick’s Day wristband in Savannah, you must have a valid ID.

There will be different colors of St. Patrick’s Day wristbands for each day and if someone is found not wearing a wristband, or wearing the wrong one, they can face a fine of more than $50.

The St. Patrick’s Day wristband policy in Savannah began in 1999 mainly to help with crowd control and was done away with for several years, until city officials brought them back in 2013, not only for crowd management, but to help pay for everything that goes into throwing the biggest party of the year in Savannah.