Sixth Sense in Savannah

Posted on November 2, 2016 by

Ghosts don’t just come to Georgia’s First City around Halloween; they stick around Savannah all year long. With a history dating back to 1733 full of catastrophic confrontations, shady shenanigans and deadly disasters, it’s no wonder Savannah was dubbed one of “America’s Most Haunted Cities” by USA Today and Lonely Planet.

Paranormal Investigation Ghost Tour

Guests participate in the paranormal investigation and learn about Savannah’s spirited past. Photo provided by Sixth Sense World.

For the past 20 years, 6th Sense World has been shedding light on Savannah’s haunted heritage, finding wandering souls all around the city with their six different ghost tours, exploring everything from the colonial part of Savannah to eerie cemeteries. Their most recent addition – The Savannah Ghosts Investigation Tour – not only takes guests throughout the streets and squares, but allows them to participate in a ghost hunt with Patrick Burns, star of “Haunting Evidence” and one of the world’s most acclaimed and respected paranormal researchers.

“The Savannah Ghosts Investigation Tour with Patrick Burns is an unprecedented kind of walking tour that utilizes paranormal investigation equipment, as well as the cityscape as the platform,” Angela Lynn, the CEO and president of 6th Sense World, said. “After years of touring the country conducting investigations, Patrick Burns has the most experience as an investigator of any storyteller in Savannah’s streets today.”

Hampton Lillibridge House

The Hampton Lillibridge House. Photo by Nicolette Kay.

But the goal isn’t just to find ghosts; it’s to share the hushed stories of aggravated spirits and unfortunate mishaps at homes all around the city. During the 90-minute “America’s Most Haunted City” tour, guides reveal the Execution of Alice Riley, a known sorceress who died by hanging in 1735, and take guests to the Hampton-Lillibridge Home, which has been said to be exorcised at least three times.

During the two-hour “Sixth Sense Savannah” tour, guests visit the Mercer House, where a number of murders and accidental deaths have been tied, not to mention the controversial Jim Williams from “Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil.” The Old Candler Hospital is another stop during this tour where guests will learn about the yellow fever outbreak and discover what was an operating morgue tunnel and also an asylum.

“Everyone from the common person to those with gifts don’t much like being near it even if they’ve paid us to take them there,” Lynn exclaimed.

But it’s the two-hour, adults only “Original Midnight Tour” that really delves deep, exploring everything from Savannah’s past ties with the occult and shadow people as well as first hand accounts of human possession, spirit photography, exorcism, voodoo and vampyres.

“We go where the ghosts go. If there’s new happenings, new evidence, we evolve the stories and the visitor experience thusly,” Founder Shannon Scott said. “That has been the 6th Sense World credo since the beginning. We are paranormal pioneers pushing the parameters of time and space!”