Savannah’s Grand Gothic Revival Architecture

Posted on May 1, 2018 by

Out of all the architectural styles we have here in Savannah, Gothic Revival might be the easiest to spot. One of the longest lasting styles of its time, Gothic Revival’s dramatic characteristics and pointed design give a sense of grandeur in a way that other styles of its period couldn’t compete with. In Savannah, the result is beautifully crafted buildings that withstand the test of time.


Cathedral of St. John the BaptistEmerging in 1800s England, the Gothic Revival movement did not just affect design, but philosophy, literature and art as well. There was a widespread re-awakening associated with Catholicism and of the High Church, competing with Neoclassic designs. And as architecture adapted to this new shift, it imitated the religious movement in a number of ways. There were many ornamental elements, but also a simplicity in structure and shape. As it slowly faded out of popularity, the buildings that did employ the style dwindled down to churches and educational institutions.


  • Steeply pitched roof: Dramatic sloping roofs and tall, skinny towers brought a true Gothic feel to the revival style.
  • Gothic decoration: Detailed decoration enhanced other design features like window frames and on transoms above doors.
  • Pointed windows: Even stained glass depending on the building’s purpose, pointed windows and arches were a popular feature to give the design character.

Where to Find

Savannah’s two most notable Gothic Revival buildings are the Temple Mickve Israel and Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. Both buildings incorporate beautiful stained glass features in their designs as well as pointed structures. The Cathedral even features the tall towers and sloping roof. And to make your visit even more notable, you can respectfully peek inside each building so long as there is not a service taking place.