Savannah’s Georgian Architecture

Posted on April 13, 2018 by

The Olde Pink House in SavannahWith the weather warming up, there’s no better motivation to get outside than Savannah’s beautiful architecture. As with the rest of our ongoing architectural series, this month we’re highlighting the grand, historic Georgian architecture style. And while we like to claim the name refers to our great state, this architectural design’s roots travels across seas.


Georgian style, which refers to a variety of interior and architectural designs from the same period, marked the time between the accession of George I in early 1700 and the death of George IV in the early 1800s. The styles that fall under the Georgian category aren’t necessarily similar; what ties them together is simply the timeline of their development. During the late 1800s, there was a resurgence of the Georgian movement in the U.S., referred to as Colonial Revival architecture, and in the U.K., known as the Neo-Georgian architecture. However, in the U.S. when we refer to Georgian style, we use it broadly to cover all different designs regardless of their similarities.


Generally speaking, Georgian style is centered around balance and symmetry, meaning that the proportions are classical in nature and if ornamental features are present, they’re somewhat subtle and plain on the exterior.

Double-hung sash windows were commonly used with small-pane glass, similar to Renaissance-era characteristics. And often times, the windows would have decorative pediments overhead—some of the minimal ornamental elements.

Georgian entrances are usually the main focus of the exterior design. Whether it’s an archway, pilasters on either side, or unique brick patterns different from the rest of the façade, entrances were meant to capture attention.

Where to Find

Though many houses in the Historic District have elements of Georgian architecture, The Olde Pink House, located on Reynolds square, is an excellent example that you can actually go inside. In addition to having a stunning exterior, the Pink House is a fine-dining restaurant that allows you an inside look at the interior characteristics and designs of the house.