Savannah Terrors: Explore the City’s Haunted History

Posted on September 17, 2018 by

Since Savannah’s founding in 1733 as England’s thirteenth colony, countless life stories have been woven into the fabric of the Hostess City. Buried beneath towering monuments and hidden in old diaries lie the stories that only the experienced tour guides of Savannah Terrors have been able to unearth and share with those brave enough to listen.

“Savannah has a reputation for being one of the most haunted cities in the United States,” said Savannah Terrors Lead Tour Guide Marcia Palmer. “It is one of the only cities with pre-Revolutionary War battles, Revolutionary War battles, Civil War battles, as well as bouts of yellow fever and deadly fires.”

Colonial Park Cemetery Entrance

When visiting Colonial Park Cemetery, guests can walk amongst centuries-old headstones.

Each evening at 8 p.m., visitors are invited to follow the glow of lantern light to Oglethorpe Square on Abercorn Street, and embark on a 90-minute walking tour of the National Historic Landmark District‘s spookiest sites. The tour features nine stops along the one-mile route along Bull, Hull and York Streets. In Colonial Park Cemetery, guests are able to see centuries-old headstones and witness the devastating impact yellow fever-carrying mosquitoes had on Georgia’s port city.

“We incorporate factual history into the ghost tour,” Palmer said. “Our tour guides are extremely knowledgeable about Savannah’s history. It’s not just a lot of fluff. There’s quite a bit of history involved.”

Tour guides share tales of Irish indentured servants seeking revenge on their masters, injured Civil War soldiers roaming the grounds they swore to protect and the honorable Native American Chief Tomochichi scorning the citizens who disturb his eternal slumber.

“There have been some traumatic experiences in Savannah, plus it’s an absolutely gorgeous city,” Palmer said. “There are plenty of reasons for spirits to stick around here.”

While the Savannah Terrors’ tour guides cannot guarantee an apparition sighting on every tour, fun will certainly be had by all. Savannah Terrors’ tours are family-friendly, but known for their frightening authenticity, which may scare children under the age of nine.

In addition to the traditional nine-stop tour, Savannah Terrors also offers extended tours featuring stops at 13 different sites, including the infamous Kehoe House and the legendary Davenport House. Guests are invited to rent an electromagnetic force reader to identify any spectral tag-alongs on their tour. This fall, make your trip to Savannah memorable and scare up some fun with Savannah Terrors!

Savannah Terrors’ Tours are offered Monday-Sunday at 8 p.m., rain or shine. Tickets must be purchased in advance, either online at or by phone at (912) 328-6956. Tickets are $18.99 for guests 12 and over; $10 for guests 11 and under. Private group tours and extended tours are available.

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