Savannah Film Festival brings stars and special screenings

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At the end of every October, the Savannah College of Art and Design presents the Savannah Film Festival. For eight days, the city is filled with the world of cinema featuring professional filmmakers, actors, and emerging students. The end of Broughton Street is filled with attendees for the opening and closing receptions, and more than 40,000 people attend each year for special films, lectures, workshops, panels, and more. 


The eight day schedule is below, and can also be found here.

Saturday, Oct. 25

7:00 pm         Opening Reception

7:30 pm         Screening: 5 to 7

Sunday, Oct. 26

9:00 am           Screening: Bis Gleich (Till Then)

9:00 am           Screening: Limited Partnership

11:00 am        Screening: The Homesman

11:30 am        Screening: The Gunfighter

11:30 am        Screening: The Irish Pub

2:00 pm          Screening: The Normal Heart

2:00 pm          Screening: Paradise Garden, Howard Finster’s Legacy

2:00 pm          Screening: Broken Branches

5:00 pm          Screening: Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia

7:00 pm         Screening: Foxcatcher


Monday, Oct. 27

9:00 am          Student Shorts BLOCK A

9:00 am           Screening: The Karman Line

9:00 am          Screening: Parisian

11:00 am        Screening: Gift

11:00 am        Screening: A Small Section Of The World

11:00 am        Screening: Wildlike

11:00 am       Panel: Script to Screen

11:30 am        Screening: The Book of Life 3D

1:00 pm         Panel: How Films Recoup

2:00 pm        Panel: Adobe Presents…

2:00 pm         Student Shorts BLOCK B

2:30 pm         Screening: The War Photographers

2:30 pm          Screening: Amira & Sam

4:00 pm          Screening: Just Before I Go

7:00 pm          Screening: Big Hero 6 3D

9:00 pm          Screening: The Babadook

9:00 pm          Screening: Good Samaritan


Tuesday, Oct. 28

9:00 am         Panel: Trending Now! Exploring Today’s Film Industry From A Cinema Studies Perspective

9:30 am           Screening: Warren

9:30 am           Screening: In The Clouds

10:00 am       Animation Block

11:00 am       Panel: Young Directors Forum

11:00 am        Screening: Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks

11:30 am        Screening: World Shorts: Ireland

12:00 pm        Screening: Dragula

12:00 pm        Screening: The Sound and the Shadow

2:00 pm         Panel: Sound: The Other Half of Your Movie

2:00 pm         Panel: Low-budget Genre Filmmaking

2:30 pm          Screening: Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn

3:00 pm          Screening: Poverty, Inc.

3:00 pm         One Armed Man

7:00 pm          Screening: Two Days, One Night

8:30 pm          Screening: Supernatural Stories

film fest panel 2 14 

Wednesday, Oct. 29

9:30 am           Screening: Ice Warriors: U.S.A Sled Hockey

9:30 am           Screening: reConception

11:00 am       Panel: The Art of Animation

11:00 am        Screening: The Giver

11:00 am       Panel: SCAD Alumni

11:30 am        Screening: The Notebook

12:00 pm        Screening: Supernatural Stories

2:00 pm          Screening: SCAD Lacoste Shorts

2:00 pm         Panel: Distribution Revolution

2:30 pm          Screening: The Last Patrol

2:30 pm          Screening: Field Of Lost Shoes

7:00 pm          Screening: Whiplash

9:00 pm          Screening: Horns


Thursday, Oct. 30

9:30 am           Screening: Poverty, Inc.

9:30 am          SCAD Student Showcase

9:30 am           Screening: One Armed Man

11:00 am        Screening: The Salt Of The Earth

11:30 am        Screening: Paradise Garden: Howard Finster’s Legacy

11:30 am        Screening: Broken Branches

12:30 pm       Bis Gleich (Till Then)

12:30 pm        Screening:Limited Partnership

2:00 pm       Seed&Spark: Crowdfunding to Build Independence workshop

2:30 pm          Screening: World Shorts: Ireland

3:00 pm          Screening: Warren

3:00 pm          Screening: In The Clouds

5:00 pm          Screening: Finding Vivian Maier

7:00 pm          Screening: The Imitation Game

9:00 pm          Screening: Creep


Friday, Oct. 31

9:00 am           Screening: Merchants Of Doubt

9:30 am          Student Shorts BLOCK B

10:00 am        Screening: The Karman Line

10:00 am        Screening: Parisian

11:00 am       Avid Panel Behind the Scenes with Mark Yoshikawa and Frank Morrone

11:30 am        Screening: Documented

11:30 am        Student Shorts BLOCK A

12:30 pm        Screening: The Gunfighter

12:30 pm        Screening: The Irish Pub

1:00 pm         Student 3D Film Showcase

2:00 pm          Screening: Red Army

2:00 pm          Screening: Cathedrals of Culture

2:00 pm         Panel: The Talent Toolbox

3:30 pm         Supermensch: The Legend Of Shep Gordon

5:00 pm         Screening: Keep On Keepin’ On

7:00 pm          Screening: The Humbling

8:30 pm          Screening: Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror


Saturday, Nov. 1

9:30 am           Screening: Dragula

9:30 am           Screening: The Sound and the Shadow

9:30 am          Animation Block

11:00 am        Screening: Life Itself

11:30 am        Screening: The War Photographers

11:30 am       Screening:  Amira & Sam

12:30 pm       Screening: Ice Warriors: U.S.A Sled Hockey

12:30 pm        Screening: reConception

2:00 pm          Screening: Two Night Stand

2:00 pm         Documentary Roundtable Discussion

3:00 pm          Screening: Gift

3:00 pm          Screening: Wildlike

7:00 pm          Screening: Escobar: Paradise Lost 

There will also be a series of Coffee Talks from Monday-Friday (27th-31st) at 8 a.m. in the lobby of the Marshall House. The talks are open to everyone and coffee and Krispy Kremes will be provided! The topics are as follows:

Producing: Tricks of the Trade

Regional Filmmaking

Getting Your Work out There: Distributors and SCAD Alums

Music for Motion Pictures

Doc Talk