Rise and Shine for the Best Dang Biscuits & Donuts

Posted on December 10, 2017 by

Savannah’s Rise Biscuits & Donuts is the local chain’s fourteenth location. Photo by Chloe Dascoli.

Biscuits are a staple of Southern comfort food. Rise Biscuits & Donuts, Savannah’s most recent comfort food addition, brings the biscuit staple and then some. The fast-food restaurant sits tucked between Chive Seabar & Lounge and The Spice & Tea Exchange on Broughton Street.

The Savannah location of Rise is the fourteenth to open from the Durham, North Carolina-based franchise, and it’s a bit of a change from the other locations.

“Our layout of this store is a little new,” says Trey Delamar, general manager. “It was a smaller space. I think it’s a touch more efficient.”

The kitchen takes up most of the long, narrow space, and a small bar offers enough room for 10 people to sit. It works, keeping the feel light and casual. Pictures of the franchise’s history line the wall above the bar. And at the very back, a window offers a behind-the-scenes look into the process of baking the mouth-watering biscuits.

When customers first walk in, bright colors—oranges, yellows—and a donut case full of all the classic flavors are ready to welcome them.

“Glazed chocolate, iced and sprinkled donuts generally are top sellers,” says Delamar.

  • Walk to the back of Rise, and you'll find a window into the making of the best dang biscuits and donuts. Photo by Amanda Surowitz.

But it isn’t just the basic flavors in the case. Rise excels at adding their own twist and flair to the basic donut. Salted caramel and the Honey Bun—a fall donut frosted with spiced pumpkin cream cheese and topped with pecans—bring a fresh flavor.

“Crème brulee is a good seller, or the cake donuts,” says Delamar. “Cinnamon twist, those are the things we run out of most. You gotta get here early sometimes, because we do run out of donuts.”

And the creativity doesn’t stop with the sweet side of the shop. The biscuit menu breaks boundaries, too. To go along with the Honey Bun donut and complete a holiday-inspired meal, Rise has a new Smoked Turkey sandwich. Filled with Brie, cranberry sauce and onions, it’s the perfect biscuit for the season.

But classics, such as the buttermilk-brined Righteous Chicken Sandwich, are the main stay.

One of Rise’s best-selling chicken biscuit sandwiches ensures a bright start to your day. Photo by Chloe Dascoli.

“Fried chicken biscuit sells like crazy,” says Delamar. “Whether it be the buffalo or just the plain fried chicken sandwich.”

With all items on the breakfast and lunch menu hovering around $5 (and sides of hashpuppies for under $2), the low prices make the sandwiches even easier to love. The combination of classic and creative is working for customers and the community alike.

“The businesses on Broughton have received us well,” says Delamar. “They frequent our establishment. We know a lot of people by name, where they work and where they’re coming from.”

Plans are already in the works for more locations in the area, with two planned to open in Pooler and Augusta.

Located at 10 W. Broughton Street, Rise is open daily 7 a.m.-2 p.m. See a complete menu at risebiscuitsdonuts.com. For questions, call (912) 454-8084 or visit their Facebook page.