Liberty Street Grill: Good peeps and good eats [Now Closed]

Posted on February 19, 2015 by

Liberty Street Grill

UPDATE: Liberty Street Grill is no longer in business. It closed in January 2016.

A new neighborhood bistro has opened up on Liberty Street and it’s serving a French-American cuisine all its own with burgers, Fried Creole Chicken, Po’boy sandwiches, Seared Scallops, Duck Leg Confit and steak.

After a moderately successful run with their former restaurant Brasserie 529, owners Amber and John Roelle decided to take another try at Savannah’s restaurant scene and open up a more casual hub for locals and visitors alike at 529 Liberty Street.

Nothing major was done to transform the space from the Brasserie into Liberty Street Grill, just some painting, new lighting and décor.

“There was nothing wrong with it before,” said Amber Roelle. “There was just nothing out here before, so it was really hard to get people over here.”

IMG_0763 lqThe restaurant sits on the east side of Liberty Street, between Price Street and East Broad Street, among neighborhoods that surround Troup Square and Crawford Square. The area doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic, other than the locals living in the area. But with Smith Brothers’ new market getting ready to open next door and a revitalization of business on Liberty Street, the Roelles are hoping to get a few more folks in the doors to their new restaurant.

“It’s not as high end,” said Roelle. “We didn’t want to go high end, but that’s what Brasserie ended up being. We wanted it to be more of a beer house.”

Liberty Street Grill lands right in the middle with an assortment of French dishes taken from the Brasserie, as well as burgers, wings and several newly added sandwiches on their menu.

IMG_0740 lq“All of the French dishes are from the old restaurant and then we added some new fun ones, like the Lobster Roll, since I’m from New England and it’s huge up in Maine,” said Roelle.

Guests will also find Baked Potato Cakes, Chicken Fried Sweetbreads, Lyndy and Liberty burgers, the popular Fresh Catch BLT, Maple Glazed Pork Chop and Chicken and Waffle Soup, among many other entrees and appetizers. But expect changes because they like to keep the freshest ingredients and switch up their menu seasonally.

Their happy hour is from 4 to 7 p.m. Monday – Friday with $3 craft beers, $2 Miller Lites, half price wine on tap and special discounts on their wings, burgers, Po’boy sandwich, Truffle Cheese Fries and Seared Foie.

For more information, call Liberty Street Grill at (912) 235-2907.