KKennedy Designs brings Wonderland to City Market

Posted on June 10, 2016 by

[KKennedyDesigns has closed their City Market location in Savannah as of 2017.]

  • KKennedy Designs in City Market

Inside Downtown Savannah’s City Market, Wonderland is awaiting.

Upstairs surrounded by art galleries, KKennedyDesigns does not only have a jewelry collection based on “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass,” but an immersive jewelry shop that continually transforms over time.

“We’re doing something a little bit different in the way we’re approaching our store and styling our space,” explained Kristine Kennedy, the co-owner and jewelry designer.

KKennedyDesigns’ shop in Downtown Savannah mimics their whimsical, mixed-media jewelry that is steeped in storytelling. Or maybe their steampunk-inspired and fandom jewelry mimic the store. Either way, it’s a story that’s at the core of their shop—and right now it’s the world created by Lewis Carroll.

Inside the shop, guests will first discover Alice’s area complete with her dress and a desk, on which a lovely array of leather and hand-stamped copper bracelets and necklaces sit. Delicate and intricate pieces made from found items, polymer clay, copper, vintage pieces and all sorts of stones are strewn about. Across the room, the March Hare and Mad Hatter displays await with their own assortment of unique pieces presented to customers in a vintage suitcase and upon a dresser, with jewelry ranging from $20 to $250.

At the beginning of 2016, when Kennedy and Jennifer Musumeci moved into the space, the store was styled with their array of movie- and book-inspired jewelry, but each month, the space changed—mirrors and décor went up and new characters appeared—getting closer to Wonderland.

“We will keep evolving and each time you come back, you’ll have a different experience in the store,” said Kennedy, pointing to the White Queen display in the works.

  • KKennedy Designs Steampunk Jewelry

On Saturday, June 11, they will finally reach wonderland with a tea party from 4-8 p.m. during the Second Saturday Art Walk, in which they will have actors playing several of the characters, including the mad hatter and white rabbit. There will be food, special music and sound design presentations.

“We’re trying to create immersive opportunities so people are connecting to the story, the community and each other,” said Kennedy. “The products that we make are just a carry away from the whole experience, so you can come be a part of the experience and then take a piece of the story home with you.”

Kennedy, who’s worked on various films including the HBO mini series “John Adams” and the highly successful “Birth of a Nation,” could not help but use stories to attract and engage customers. Filmmaking was her first passion, before she started making jewelry. She continues to craft unique pieces in her shop and studio, right down the hall, where she also holds workshops and classes.

Her studio is located in City Market, upstairs above the Charleston Shoe Company in the Franklin Ward North Building, FNU-107. Store hours are Wednesday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and additional times are available by appointment. For more information, go to kkennedydesigns.com.