Horoscope – September 2013

Posted on August 29, 2013 by

Welcome to Savannah’s Horoscope – September, Savannah’s best free monthly horoscopes predictions. We’ve scoured our resources to find the most accurate monthly horoscopes for our internet readers so you don’t have to. We also organize free monthly horoscopes by zodiac sign for September and every month ahead. It’s easy to find out what’s in store for you in the stars this month, we’ve got brief predictions for all signs.

Remember that it takes acorns and a lot of time and patience to make a shady oak tree, and that seeds planted now may take a long time to come to fruition. Avoid making enemies over minor matters, even if you feel you are right. An interesting evening could develop from what seems to be a very boring affair. Guard your tongue when referring to a higher-up’s private life.

The variety in your social life may have reached the bedlam state and you should take time to sort things out and do away with the unnecessary dates on your calendar so that you can enjoy the truly important ones. Give a thought to spending time with an older person who cares deeply for you. Career improvement is possible now if you make the proper overtures to the proper person.

A major purchase you have been planning should perhaps be delayed for a short while until you get some definite information on a promised promotion or pay raise. Consider becoming involved in some community project which could utilize your talents and yield personal pleasure as well as make a definite contribution to the community.

Your ability to expend energy over and above your normal expected share is a rare gift — but you should be cautious of doing so much that you endanger your health. As the season begins to move more definitely into the cooler period, you should be careful of exposure and drafts. Expect an important letter in the mail which could alter your present lifestyle.

Use that recently acquired bit of “found” money in ways that will bring personal pleasure. Saving is a good habit — but you also need to indulge yourself once in a while, in order to keep the creative juices flowing. Don’t go off the deep end over a new love interest. That is not to say you should ignore chances for fun and frolic — just try to keep things on an even keel and don’t expect too much.

Family illness or an accident could mar your plans for a long-planned outing
or vacation. Keep your money in your sock instead of throwing it away on projects which will not do much for your personal pleasure or your long-range improvement. An introduction to a striking companion could set the stage for a highly interesting relationship.

Be satisfied with getting the job done, even if the credit is claimed by people of little real ability. Wise observers will know who is responsible and arguments over a credit line could prove harmful. Financial matters should be handled promptly and advice should be sought from an older and more adept person if problems develope.

Be careful not to assume the worst about a close friend or lover, particularly if someone comes to you bearing tales. If the charge is serious, face up to it and ask for an explanation — but don’t convict before the defense has a chance to speak. Absolute honesty in a work situation is vital, as there are those who are observing you closely in relation to a possible promotion or job offer.

If at all possible, plan to get away for a few days in the near future so you can re-think some long-made plans for the future. A change in direction now might be difficult — and even painful — but not as much as it could be later. Give up on a romantic project that has been hanging fire. It could be reopened later to the advantage of everyone concerned.

A change of direction or profession is not impossible for you at this point. It is not advisable to throw away years of preparation on a lark — but remaining in a situation because it is easy is not the best move either. Seek advice from a person who has faced a similar situation. An old flame could make an amusing, yet attractive, proposition.

Your love life may be in for an exciting, if bumpy, period during which there could be some exhilarating highs — and a few deep depressions. If you hang on for the entire ride, however, you will probably be glad that you did. Career choices could be many at this time, but give full consideration to your present position before you grab for the brass ring. Ignore a threat from a jealous person.

Your business life could become inescapably involved with your private life, bringing a good deal of frustration and even unhappiness — unless you follow a strict rule about fraternization in the office. Keep your head down in any family arguments and avoid direct confrontations concerning your past. Gain an undying friendship by being discreet concerning a minor offense.