Horoscope – October 2013

Posted on October 1, 2013 by

Welcome to Savannah’s Horoscope – October, Savannah’s best free monthly horoscopes predictions. We’ve scoured our resources to find the most accurate monthly horoscopes for our internet readers so you don’t have to. We also organize free monthly horoscopes by zodiac sign for October and every month ahead. It’s easy to find out what’s in store for you in the stars this month, we’ve got brief predictions for all signs.

ARIES: A family member may need a fiscal favor. Your generosity will go a long way. An unexpected turn of events could force you to cancel weekend plans. You may have to undo something you did mid-month. Procrastination may be the key. Keep a positive outlook.

TAURUS: Keep emotions in check at work, or you could soil your professional image. Think twice before being totally honest with a loved one. A little white lie isn’t so bad if it spares someone’s feelings. A difficult choice comes later in the month. Libra plays a significant role.

GEMINI: Something you’ve wondered about for some time will become crystal clear. You’ll realize that some things are more subtle than others. Plans for an upcoming trip need your attention. Try not to leave everything until the last minute. A strange coincidence on a Friday proves meaningful.

CANCER: In a rut lately, Cancer? Don’t be afraid to explore new social options. When’s the last time you acted like a tourist in your own town? Try something new. If you’re looking for a new job, this could be a lucky time. Travel plans look promising. Unexpected cash comes your way.

LEO: Has love led you into a difficult bind? If so, there’s only one way out – honesty. Look deep inside yourself to figure out what it is you really want – not just now, but in the future. You may be surprised. Virgo plays a role. A last-minute invitation sets the tone for the month.

VIRGO: A situation that seemed horrible a few months back is actually bearable now. You’ll realize that time heals all wounds. If resentment is tearing a friendship apart, it may be time to talk things out. Keep flexible weekend plans. Something unusual happens later in the month.

LIBRA: You can put a stop to a bad situation by simply speaking up. You can’t expect loved ones to read your mind. They need to know how you feel. A trial situation will work out better than you had anticipated. Now’s the time to implement positive change. Go the extra mile when working on an important project.

SCORPIO: A loved one who’s down in the dumps needs some encouragement from you. Be kind and diplomatic with your words – especially if you’re trying to cheer up an Aries. A change at work could be just the beginning of a new stage. You may want to reassess your career goals.

SAGITTARIUS: A family member who had disappointed you in the past will do something to redeem himself/herself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. A busier-than-usual social schedule gives the month some extra flavor. Make fitness a priority – especially if you have been tipping the scales.

CAPRICORN: At work, don’t assume you’ll get the help and support you need. You must speak up if you want to be heard. Happiness comes with a high price tag in love this month. You’ll find that nothing good comes easily. Long-awaited news will finally come with a surprising outcome.

AQUARIUS: Get extra rest early in the month, or you could find yourself tapped out later when you need your energy. A work associate may try to drag you down with negativity. Don’t let it happen. Keep your usual positive attitude. An upcoming change gives you a lot to think about.

PISCES: A family member shows you a side you never knew existed. You’ll wonder what else there is that you don’t know about. A love relationship may need some nurturing. Loving words and a tender touch go a long way. Meditation lifts stress from the daily grind.