Interesting Information about Savannah, GA!

Posted on September 22, 2011 by

Savannah was founded in 1733 as the Colonial capital of the Province of Georgia and was originally laid out as 4 open squares. By 1851 the city expanded to 24 squares, 22 of which are in existence today and is the largest National Historic Landmark District in the country.

Today Savannah is one of the Top 10 City Destinations in the U.S. with over 50 million visitors in the last ten years. Rich in history, architecture and culture, Savannah will provide endless days of discovery and beauty. Savannah’s Historic District is home to dozens of Hotels, Inns and B & B’s, some of modern design and others restored to yesterday’s grandeur. Compact enough to explore on your own, the Historic District also offers an array of guided tours to help you understand the essence of Savannah. Not to be missed is the Southern Cuisine that inspired the likes of Paula Deen and helps shape the identity of Savannah. Our restaurants reflect the many heritages that make Savannah unique and offer an experience you will always remember.