Golden Realm brings jewelry, oddities and art to downtown Savannah

Posted on May 14, 2015 by

Golden Realm

Golden Realm, located at 306 E. Bay St., is the unexpected dream of Cindy and Steve Carroll. “I don’t think either one of us expected it,” said Steve. “But I’m glad it turned out to be this way.”

RMC Boutique just got a new neighbor on Emmet Park – Golden Realm. This new vintage and custom jewelry store opened in March with an assortment of estate and handmade jewelry and a room full of small antiques, oddities and art.

Rings at Golden Realm

All of the rings sold at Golden Realm can be resized on the spot, so everyone can get the ring they like, whether it’s in their size or not. Photo by Andrea Six.

The shop has quite the variety of jewelry with pieces ranging from $5 to $40,000. Old Victorian rings, pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings are all available, as well as rings with morganite, alexandrite, rubies, smokey topaz and all kinds of other pendants and gemstones. And that’s in addition to all of the custom pieces created by Steve Carroll.

But they don’t just sell jewelry; they also repair it.

Before coming to Savannah, owners Steve and Cindy Carroll ran another shop like Golden Realm in Ohio, where Steve did everything from changing the size of a ring to all types of silver repairs, even fixing wire frame glasses and making custom silverware for a set that’s missing a piece.

Golden Realm in Savannah

Golden Realm has a variety of pieces, from elegant pearls to fun costume jewelry to fancy rings from estate sales. Photo by Andrea Six.

“We can reproduce a knife or a fork or anything like that to make it look exactly like the original,” said Steve, who not only does many of the repairs by hand, but also has a $20,000 laser to use for special projects.

“We also fix costume jewelry,” said Cindy. “We’ll fix rhinestones or anything like that. We’ve even worked on Miss Alabama’s pageant crown. It was a really old piece.”

Steve has been welding, designing and making his own jewelry since he was a teenager and his grandpa started teaching him.

“He was a Cherokee Indian and he worked in just about everything,” said Steve. “He was the guy that if you needed something, he just went out to his workshop and made it.”

Golden Realm Jewelry

Jewelry in all of the cases at Golden Realm was either purchased at estate sales or made by Steve Carroll. Photo by Andrea Six.

After working with jewelry for years, Steve went to school and got certified for advanced diamond setting, jewelry repair and design, casting and production. He’s soon hoping to start teaching others about making jewelry by conducting classes about manufacturing and repairing jewelry.

But for now, customers will have to settle for watching Steve work away at Golden Realm, where a little window allows customers to see Steve as he works on his projects.

“You can even watch me do it,” said Steve, who can easily resize rings that customers bring in or buy at the store.

“If a customer buys a ring and it doesn’t fit, we’ll size it, usually, as they wait,” said Steve. “Most of the time, within the hour. I’ll ask for about 40 minutes to an hour and then you can come back and pick it up.”

Golden Realm Art and Antiques

The back room at Golden Realm that overlooks River Street has several pieces of art, as well as a variety of curiosities. Photo by Andrea Six.

But jewelry isn’t the only thing they sell at Golden Realm.

“We’ve got jewelry, art, antiques and oddities,” said Cindy. “We have an oddities case that has everything from glass eyes to biker rings, watch fobs, pockets knives, old trench lighters. We have trench art that was made in the trenches while the guys were waiting to fight in the service. We’ve got all kinds of unusual things in here.”

So next time you’re on River Street, go ahead and walk up the stairs from the cobblestone streets and check out Golden Realm, located at 306 E. Bay St., right next to the new ice cream shop.