Fine Wine and Light Dining at Café M

Posted on November 3, 2017 by

Cafe M on Upper Factors Walk in Savannah

Café M is tucked behind a live oak tree just off Bay Street. Photo by Andrea Six.

At Café M, everything is made with European ingredients, bringing the real, buttery French taste to every croissant, cronut, baguette and macaron. And with so many other French imports available to take home—Bonne maman fruit preserves, Nina’s Paris teas, French books and more—it’s no wonder Amanda and Arthur de Montplaisir’s little café at 128 E. Bay Street has become so popular.

“We just can’t get over that we’ve been so successful, and we’re very grateful that Savannah has welcomed us,” Amanda said.

Two years later, it’s easy to find a local who can point you toward Café M’s cozy spot on Upper Factor’s Walk—just east of River Street Inn and tucked behind the Spanish-moss clad boughs of a live oak tree. It’s just far enough from car and pedestrian traffic on Bay Street to offer a peaceful place to enjoy breakfast, lunch or a snack. You can even bring your dog to the outside tables!

If’ you’re a coffee-drinker, like Arthur, Café M offers its own custom blend of Perc coffee. If tea is more your cup of tea, you can order “flash-chilled iced tea.” The tea of your choice is brewed fresh at your table, then poured over ice, et voilà! Available in a variety of different blends, these drinks were crafted specifically to be enjoyed over ice. As Amanda said, “This is made for tea lovers.”

Cafe M wine and cheese

Wine, cheese and charcuterie are some of the tasty new additions to Café M’s menu. Photo courtesy of Café M.

Don’t worry if you’re in the mood for something stronger; Café M just launched a wine menu. Between Amanda’s love of white wines and Arthur’s love of reds, they’ve curated a selection to suit everyone’s taste. Her favorite is the sauvignon blanc, “which is a real typical Parisian woman wine; it’s what we drink after work.”

“We’re super excited,” Amanda said. “We worked with a local gal that we love. She helped us find these rare French wines. We have some really good white wines, red wines, rosé, champagne and sparkling wines. I think they will be perfect here.”

“I’m very happy with the wines we chose,” Arthur added. “Some of the wines are what I used to drink when I was in France.”

Wine isn’t the only new item on the menu. After a recent trip back to Paris for more cooking lessons, Amanda and Arthur are expanding their offerings.

Cafe M sweet and savory spread

Café M offers a spread of sweet and savory options to satisfy whatever taste you’re in the mood for! Photo courtesy of Café M.

“We’re going to have cheese and charcuterie boards,” Amanda said. “I think that will go well with the wine, and we’ll be open later.”

Other future additions to the menu include soups, salads and more vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. They’ll join the ranks of Café M’s best-selling savory products: the Normandy—with brie, pear, walnuts, ham and organic spring mix on a baguette—the brie, honey and walnut croissant melt and, of course, the quiches.

“Our other best-seller would be our quiches, which we make here,” Amanda said. “It’s my mom’s recipe. I’m super proud. I’ve had people try to bribe me to get the recipe, but I will never give it away!”

Café M is open daily from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. and is located next to River Street Inn and Ye Old Tobacco Shop at 128 E. Bay St. For more information, call Café M at (912) 712-3342 or visit