Savannah Children’s Choir to perform with Mountain View (California) A Cappella Singers

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Savannah Children’s Choir to perform with Mountain View (California) A Cappella Singers 

On Sunday, February 16 at 4:00 p.m. at Trinity United Methodist Church (Telfair Square), the Savannah Children’s Choir will present a joint concert with the Mountain View High School A Cappella choir from Mountain View, California.

Under the direction of Jill Denny, A Cappella has been a part of Mountain View High School since 2000. The auditioned girls choir (ages 9th – 12th grade) performs a variety of musical styles ranging from Renaissance to contemporary music.

Singers are selected for their musical talent, positive attitude, hard work ethic, and willingness to participate energetically within the group.  A Cappella travels annually participating in choral festivals, and performance tours, and the choir has traveled throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.  This year’s tour till take them across the South. 

“Early in their tour planning they contacted the Savannah Children’s Choir,” comments Emmy Williams, Director of Education.  “We were thrilled to have the chance to perform with them, and will bring our Premier Choir, which is also our national and international travelling choir, to perform a joint concert,” Williams concluded.

The concert will feature a variety of music, and the choirs will also offer a combined piece.

Admission is a recommended $5 donation to benefit the Trinity music program and church restoration fund.

For more information, go to or call (912) 228-4758.