Kiss-A-Pig “Cocktails for a Cause”

Posted on February 10, 2014 by

Event Details

Wednesday, February 12 from 4:30 – 7:00pm

“Cocktails for a Cause” at Ruth’s Chris Lounge,

hosted by the Mad Hams KAP team

The 2014 SOCIAL MEDIA theme will use the latest tools and technology to expand diabetes awareness and help the 2014 contestants promote their activities. Pigbook, Squealer, Pigterest, Sausage Linked and SowTube will help us go viral in our quest to grab attention. 

What is Kiss-A-Pig?

Kiss-a-Pig is a unique and hilarious campaign to create diabetes awareness and to raise funds for the mission of American Diabetes Association (ADA). The campaign pits community leaders against each other in a contest to raise the most “votes,” with $1 = 1 vote. At the end of the campaign, the contestant with the most “votes” kisses a live pig, honored by ADA as the original source of insulin.

We kiss the pig for saving lives! 

Why Kiss A Pig?

Diabetes refers to a condition in which the body cannot make normal use of sugar.  Until 1921 there was no treatment for this disease.  Today the miracle drug insulin helps treat diabetes.  Many who have this disease must inject insulin daily to sustain life.  Insulin originally came from the pancreas of a pig. Therefore, we “Kiss-a-Pig” for helping us save lives.

Kiss-a-Pig has been featured in numerous other publications throughout the ADA service region. The 22nd Annual Kiss-a-Pig Campaign will feature contestants from throughout Southeast Georgia/Coastal South Carolina who will be competing for the honor of bussing the bacon. The Southeast Georgia/Coastal South Carolina Kiss-a-Pig Campaign has raised over $4 million for research, information and advocacy in the fight against diabetes.