Greening of the Telfair

Posted on October 5, 2017 by

Event Details

November 27: Annual Greening of the Telfair at Telfair Academy! TAG volunteers headed by Elisabeth Biggerstaff decorate the Telfair Academy for the holiday season. Even though Mary Telfair herself would not have used greens on the outside of her home, the guild will deck the beautiful museum inside and out with greenery in the spirit of the season. The rest of the decorations will be just like Mary Telfair would have done; the festive table is laid complete with oysters, fowl, meat pies, carrots, beets, and other dishes of the period. The Octagon Room is set for after-dinner sweets, fruits, and the traditional Twelfth Night cake. The kitchen is alive with preparations for dinner, including recently acquired ingredients for an apple pie, loaves of homemade bread, butter, and a slab of bacon. 121 Barnard St. (912) 790-8800 or