The 11th Annual “The Future of Jazz”

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February 10: If you appreciate America’s greatest art form and want to bear witness to it’s influence, importance and profoundness,  The Future Of Jazz is sure to be a memorable event and will leave you with the assurance that jazz will be well documented into the future. Dr. Teddy Adams selects students ranging from middle school to the college level who has demonstrated outstanding proficiency in performing Jazz music. A full day of intense rehearsing coupled with a master class or workshop held by Dr. Adams and other professional musicians enlighten and prepare the students for a concert of challenging music that culminates with a demonstration of talent, camaraderie and energy that wows audiences and gives the participants a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. This Savannah is a tradition that has been sponsored and supported by the Black Heritage Festival under an annual grant from the City of Savannah and is free and open to the public. [email protected].