10 Year Anniversary Retrospective Art Show at Kobo Gallery

Posted on January 25, 2017 by

Event Details

kobo galleryOn March 2, 2017, there will be an opening reception from 6-8 p.m. at the Kobo Gallery, located at 33 Barnard St., for A 10 Year Retrospective, which will be on display March 2-16, 2017.

Kobo Gallery, Savannah’s premier artist cooperative space, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary by bringing the past and present together for an epic show featuring over thirty of Savannah’s best artists with the exhibition, KOBO: A 10 Year Retrospective.

Marta McWhorter, known for her imaginative and thought-provoking installation work will be the curator. This exhibition aims to honor the hard work and dedication of all of the members of Kobo. Each artist added his or her own touch to help shape and define what the gallery has become.

Featured artists include but are not limited to: Betsy Cain, Ben Dory, Christi Reiterman,Christina Edwards, Dana Richardson, Daniel Smith, Danielle Hughes Rose, David Kaminsky, Deb Oden, Dicky Stone, Doris Grieder, Heather Lindsey Stewart, Imke Lass, Jan Clayton Pagratis, Janae Minor, Kip Bradley, Liza Crowley, Marta McWhorter, Mary Hartman, Melinda Borysevicz, Meredith Anne Sutton, Scott Griffin, Susanne Carmack and Tobia Makover.

For more information about A 10 Year Retrospective at Kobo Gallery, email [email protected] or call (912) 604-5093.