Escape Savannah Unveils Two New Escape Rooms

Posted on August 16, 2016 by

Escape Savannah New Escape Rooms 2016

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing Escape Savannah—the one and only Escape Room in Savannah? Have you conquered the “Haunted Room” and are dying for something new, exciting and even more challenging? Lucky for you, Escape Savannah just moved to a brand new location and they’ve created two entirely new interactive games with mysteries that are begging to be solved!

Escape Savannah

Escape Savannah’s new location at 905 Abercorn Street. Photo by Andrea Six.

Escape Savannah’s popularity has steadily grown since husband and wife, Craig and Lisa Arcos, opened its doors in 2014. They started with the “Escape the Haunted Room” challenge, a ghost-themed escape room that required participants to solve the clues in under an hour in order get out of the room. They first opened at the corner of Bull and Abercorn streets, and moved to a new location at 905 Abercorn Street on August 1, 2016. With over a hundred gleaming reviews, Escape Room Savannah is not only the perfect activity for rainy days, but also an excellent activity for groups who want something different than a ghost tour, and even businesses looking for team-building exercises.

“It’s just a cool, different thing to do for an hour,” Lisa Arcos raved.

With the growing popularity of Escape Rooms, the owners decided to seek a new location—one that could accommodate more people and up to two different games at a time.

“We just maxed out our other location—we needed something larger,” explained Craig Arcos.

Their new location backs up to the Mansion on Forsyth Park, at East Bolton and Abercorn streets. They tried to really take advantage of how the property looked as-is, with the exception of a few new coats of paint here and there. Their main priority was more on writing good stories, gathering up props and creating believable characters.

“It wasn’t as much about renovating the space as it was getting the theme and the story just right,” Craig revealed.

Ghastly Ghost Escape Savannah

Ghost Host Laura Douglass congratulates a winning group who escaped from the Ghastly Ghost room at Escape Savannah. Photo provided by Escape Savannah.

Currently, Escape Savannah has one escape room open—The Ghastly Ghost. In this game, the player is trapped inside of a Victorian room, surrounded by the items of a dead little girl and her cruel mother. The player must solve the mysteries in under an hour, or “suffer the same cruel fate as the little girl.”

“It’s a really immersive game experience,” Craig added. “Immersive being the key word.”

In September 2016, a new escape room will be available alongside the Ghastly Ghost room: The Pirate Plunder! This room opens in a tavern and the players are castaways who swam to shore after a shipwreck. Craig and Lisa are enthusiastic about this new experience and the opportunity to bring in more people. They also have plans to keep creating new rooms, and to change the themes every six months or so.

Escape Savannah’s rooms can accommodate up to 10 people, and are about one hour in length. The cost per person is $24, and anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. They are open Tuesday-Thursday from noon-8 p.m., Friday and Saturday from noon-10 p.m. and Sunday from noon-8 p.m. For more information, call Escape Savannah at (888) 713-3574, email [email protected] or go to