Where to Eat in the Broughton Street Area

Posted on July 16, 2014 by

Broughton Street is the stretch of downtown where everything is happening! But with so many places to go, it might be hard to pick where to eat. Here are some of the most unique spots in Savannah:


Alligator Soul


Are you looking for something a little more adventurous and off the beaten path? Just take a quick turn off Broughton Street on Barnard, and walk down the steps into Alligator Soul. Immediately transport yourself to one of the most unique dining experiences in Savannah. With a great high scale atmosphere and a selection of some of the rarest meats in the US, there’s no telling what kind of special they have planned for the day. Some previous features include elk, antelope, kangaroo, ostrich, game birds, pheasant, camel, rabbit, and alligator. But even if you want to keep it simple, there’s lots of your usual dishes made with a special flair.


 The Oysters a la Soul are a favorite, stuffed with a blend of Savannah River Farm’s bacon, Louisiana crawfish, topped with fresh Parmesan panko bread crumbs. Have a vegetarian in your party? The Chef will specially prepare a vegetarian platter with all the market fresh ingredients on hand that day. And if you still have room for dessert after your exotic entrée, the desserts are just as adventurous! Try the Blackberry and Peach Moonshine Cobbler, The Sweet Basil Crème Brulee, or Banana Beignets with cinnamon wonton crisps. For this restaurant you’ll definitely want a reservation, so be sure to plan ahead.

Price Ranges from $31-60
114 Barnard St
For more information call: 912-232-7899


Funky Brunch Cafe


One of the newest additions to Broughton Street is the Funky Brunch Cafe, a new fun way to have breakfast, brunch, or lunch in Savannah. First, you choose whether you want to eat outside on the patio, or inside at one of the tables. If you choose to sit inside, your table comes with a built in griddle to make your own pancakes. Just order the batter, any sides you’d like, and get flippin’.


Your choices include either buttermilk, multi-grain or gluten free batter, as well as an assortment of toppings and add-ons, including chocolate chips, blueberries, banana slices, pineapple Pieces, honey, walnuts, Reece’s Pieces, Apple Pieces, a berry blend, Craisins, granola, M & M’s, strawberries, coconut, pecans, peanut butter, raspberries, raisins, or almonds. But the kitchen will also gladly make your pancakes for you, and anything else from their menu. From omelets, sandwiches, salads, steaks, and a fully stocked bar, it’s one of the widest brunch selections in Savannah. Try their signature hibiscus Bellini or lemonade with vodka and muddled basil. The interior décor is almost as fun as the menu, with bright colors and patterns, and though the cafe doesn’t take reservations, it’s best to go during a week day when the breakfast crowd isn’t as large.

Prices Range from $11-30
304 E Broughton St
For more information call: 912-234-3050

Circa 1875


Usually most popular in the colder Savannah months, come in to Circa 1875 for authentic, unpretentious Parisian cuisine in a cozy, authentic setting. Pick the side of either the dining room or the pub (both will serve you dinner) pick a glass of either domestic or old world wine or beer. Start your meal out with the Prince Edward Island mussels steamed with white wine, fennel, shallots, garlic, and parsley butter, or for a more traditional French start try the very popular sautéed chicken livers on brioche. For the main course try the Seared maple leaf duck breast, the Steak Frites, or the Ratatouille filled crepes for a veggie option! The desserts are also decadent and change often. It’s the perfect place on a chilly January night, or for a fresh drink and appetizer in the summer.

Price ranges from $11-$30
48 Whitaker Street
For more info call: 912-443-1875


Coffee Fox


Several years after Foxy Loxy Cafe and Print Gallery opened on Bull Street, owner Jen Jenkins opened up a second one called The Coffee Fox right on the corner of Broughton and Whitaker streets. Coffee is served from the local company PERC so there’s great espresso, as well as cold brews and a wide selection of wine and craft beer, plus signature cocktails. The bakery display is always packed with fresh pastries every morning, from cakes, scones and cookies, to the famous kolaches (think soft yeast rolls stuffed with either egg, sausage, bacon, or fruit and cream cheese).


There is also a spread of tex-mex foods offering some of the best tacos in town, cheese boards, and an excellent tex-mex brunch menu on Sunday mornings. There are two bars for seating and a few tables outside and in the back of the store. The Coffee Fox is however, ideally the best for grabbing something quick on the go, and though it’s a newcomer to busy Broughton Street, it’s a perfect fit that has already become wildly popular.

102 West Broughton St
For more information call: 912-401-0399


Kayak Kafe


Kayak Kafe is a great place if you’re looking for fresh, wholesome food in a casual environment. You have the choice of inside or outside seating with a few tables out on the sidewalk, with a great selection of sandwiches, Panini’s, salads, or tacos. They’re best known for their Roasted Tilapia Tacos and Lime-Chicken Tacos.


 The establishment only serves local shrimp and buys organic, natural foods whenever they can. Most of the dishes are seasoned with a very distinct unique blend of spices with a prominent cilantro flavor, and any menu item can be made vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free on request.

Prices range from $11-30
One East Broughton St
For more information call: 912-233-6044


Chive Sea Bar & Lounge


Right when you walk into Chive, the flashy mirrors, chandeliers, and deep blues transport you to another time. Both a restaurant and a bar, this is an ideal destination for any time of day, in any atmosphere. Open for lunch, dinner, and late night drinks, one of the most popular dishes is the Striped Seabass or Lobster and Edamame Risotto. There’s also a creative cocktails list as well as a full selection of wine and beer. The restaurant is higher scale, though the portions are still decently sized. All in all, one of the classiest places on the street, so be sure to check it out.

Prices range from $31-60
4 W Broughton Street
For more information call: 912-233-1748


Flying Monk Noodle Bar


The newest addition to Broughton Street is The Flying Monk Noodle Bar, and it’s a Pho lovers dream. Though the space is small and the tables are close quarters, the atmosphere is fun and engaging, and the portions are big enough to share with a friend. Some of the favorites here are the shrimp lemongrass noodle bowl or Bangkok noodle curry. Finish up your meal with authentic Vietnamese coffee, a stronger, sweeter, iced version of what you’ll get at your local cafe.

Prices range from $11-30
5 W Broughton Street
For more information call: 912-232-8888