Shoe Be Do to Debut First Clothing Line in Savannah Fall 2016

Posted on August 13, 2016 by

  • Shoe Be Do

It’s been one year since the unique and truly extraordinary shoe store by the name of Shoe Be Do opened its doors over on York Street, and things could not be going better.

“I’m still thrilled to be here,” Owner Andre Noujaim explained. “Savannah has been like a second home to me, I couldn’t imagine a more fitting place for our sister store.”

The original Shoe Be Do, which is nestled in the French Quarter of New Orleans, opened in 2009, but Noujaim has been in retail clothing industry for over 25 years. After the success of his stores in New Jersey and New Orleans he decided it was once again time to share his exquisite and at times one-of-a-kind shoes.

“I had been wanting to expand for years,” Noujaim revealed. “After visiting Savannah with its perfect mix of classic elegance and daring style I knew it was exactly where we needed to be!”

At Shoe Be Do, guests will find a variety of styles from the classic black pump, to sweet ballet flats, to trendsetting heels that are sure to turn every head, not to mention the accessories! Stocked with one-of-a-kind jewelry and breathtaking handbags by designers like Gina Riley, Ernest Nunez, Renee Esposito and Daniella Graciella, Shoe Be Do has exactly what is needed to finish off that perfect outfit. And speaking of outfits, shoppers will soon be able to get that from Shoe Be Do as well.

Shoe Be Do

The new clothing collection will be available at Savannah’s Shoe Be Do in September 2016.

The Shoe Be Do clothing collection is aimed at women the age of 30 + and can most generally be described as dressy casual. Prices range anywhere from $98 to $2,000 with the latter including designer labels and breathtaking furs, which will arrive a little later in the fall just in time for winter. In addition to the beauty of the clothing, many of the pieces are exclusive to Shoe Be Do and can’t be found anywhere else.

“We like to be unique,” Noujaim said, “you’ll never find our clothing in a mall; it’s all part of the Shoe Be Do experience.”

The initial collection will launch September 1, 2016, and a meet and greet, in which VIP customers can meet and mingle with some of the collection designers, is going to take place a few weeks later (date to be announced).

“Our response here in Savannah from the very first day has been welcoming,” Noujaim pointed out. “There is a huge fan base and loyalty in this town unlike I’ve ever seen before. It’s a pleasure to do business in the downtown area.”

In fact Mr. Noujaim states that the response in Savannah has been so strong he’s considering expanding yet again.

“We have customers all the way from Houston, Texas all the way to Charleston, South Carolina begging for a location. For now we are focused on Savannah, but who knows what the future will hold.”

To get more information about Shoe Be Do, or to become a VIP member and get an invite to the VIP meet and greet, visit their website and simply join the mailing list. You can also call the Savannah store, located at 7 York St., at (912) 495-5076.


Written by Chelsey Colleen. Photos courtesy of Shoe Be Do.