The Brice, A Kimpton Hotel

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Photo provided by The Brice, A Kimpton Hotel.

Sparks of Savannah flair and pops of color give guests a peek into the art and entertainment scene of the city. Photo provided by The Brice, A Kimpton Hotel.

Kimpton Hotels took ahold of what was once the Mulberry Inn and transformed it into The Brice, a boutique hotel with 145 guest rooms, 26 of which are lavish suites. Its prime location on East Bay Street, between Washington Square and Emmet Park, shows guests what it is like to be a part of the community and the staff family lets guests in on the best kept secrets of Savannah.

“Service is all about creating special moments and special connections with each and every one of our guests and the family members that are a part of our staff,” said Kate Brown, the Director of Sales and Marketing.

The staff doesn’t just serve its guests but makes it a point to have conversations and create those special moments and connections. It’s not a hotel to come and go from, it’s a home to relax in and have a good time.


One of the lounging areas for guests to enjoy in the living room lobby. Photo by Andrea Six.

“We wanted to find the way to give you your own historic district mansion,” said Brown. “You don’t have to try to get on the invite list, we’re going to put you on the VIP list yourself.”

The Brice doesn’t give their guests a lobby, but invites them in with a living room. A few steps away from the front desk – which is a statement piece in and of itself – is a high style space with furniture inspired by that of 24e, a modern furniture store, and statement pieces from The Paris Market, a treasure trove, both of which are stores on one of Savannah’s hottest shopping streets, Broughton Street.

“We wanted to really take part in this immersing cultural renaissance that’s kind of going on in Savannah right now,” said Brown. “At the same time, paying homage in really creative ways to the history of the building, the land, the neighborhood and the city.”

The Brice's Secret Garden, a retreat for guests to escape to and enjoy. Photo by Andrea Six.

The Brice’s Secret Garden, a retreat for guests to escape to and enjoy. Photo by Andrea Six.

The sleek snake-like bookshelves wrap around the living room, which has two lounging areas, separated by a beautiful wooden table with a typewriter on top and bar stools underneath. Open the back doors to the secret garden, an alcove where guests can sit out and enjoy their own little backyard in Savannah.

“It’s something that’s special and unique that not a lot of people have throughout the city for anyone to come an experience,” said Brown.

Their rooms have their own flair with modern four-poster beds, stylish and angular wingback chairs with green piping, armoires with bright fuchsia and tables with wrought iron legs, giving a nod to the high style scene of Savannah. Guests can stop and relax, enjoy the European shower and soaking tub, and grab the unique seersucker striped terry spa bathrobe.


Sit outside and enjoy a dish with a glass of wine from Pacci Italian Kitchen + Bar. Photo provided by The Brice, A Kimpton Hotel.

Sit outside and enjoy a dish with a glass of wine from Pacci Italian Kitchen + Bar. Photo provided by The Brice, A Kimpton Hotel.

Pacci Italian Kitchen + Bar

The Brice is home to Pacci Italian Kitchen + Bar, a locally focused, fresh and light fair Italian restaurant, run by local Chef Roberto Leoci, known for his restaurant, Leoci’s Trattoria, on Abercorn Street. Guests can stop by for a gourmet dish of pasta, decadent seafood plates or get flat breads, soups and salads.

“It’s not traditional bread sauce lots of cheese Italian food,” said Jackie Blackwelder, the front of the house manager. “We are more like white wine caper sauces.”

She suggests guests try the Gemelli Caserecce, a pasta with garden herbs, market vegetables, fresh parmesan with a choice to add chicken or Georgia shrimp, and with that the Raspberry Collins, a cocktail with fresh raspberries and lime juice.

Photo provided by Pacci.

Photo provided by Pacci.

“We don’t want to bring customers in and push them out; they can stay in as long as they want to,” said Sidney Lance, the head bartender. “That’s how we feel – I can’t stay away from this place.”

In addition to the dining options, Pacci also offers guests a signature “Kitchen Counter” community bar with an assortment of wines and hand-crafted cocktails to enjoy. This restaurant is for everyone to visit, hotel guests and locals alike, that’s aiming to become one of Savannah’s best.

“We build our restaurants for our locals, for our neighbors, for our community,” said Brown.

2014 Events

Photo by Andrea Six.

Photo by Andrea Six.

Wednesdays  – Every Wednesday 7 p.m., reservations required

Wednesday Night Supper Club, a community table where everyone can make new friends, share stories and dine on seasonally inspired dishes.

Saturdays – Every Saturday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Punch Drunk Brunch, a punch bowl buffet with a variety of craft punches, every

Weeknights – Monday – Friday 5 – 7 p.m. and 9 – 10 p.m.

Aperitivo, is an authentically Italian time to unwind and enjoy a cocktail

Pacci also teams with the Brice to serve guests their best wines and appetizers for the social hour that the Brice hosts every day from 5 to 6 p.m. and Sip and Stroll, an event where guests can take a look around the neighborhood.


The Brice, A Kimpton Hotel is located at 601 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401. To make reservations at the Brice visit their website or call (912) 238-1200 and to make reservations at Pacci visit their website or call (912) 233-6002. For information about other hotels in Savannah, visit our accommodations page.