Restaurant Review of Award Winning Belford’s in Savannah!

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Belford’s is located in City Market at 315 West St. Julian Street. 912.233.2626. The Belford’s Savannah building was originally constructed in 1902 for the local Hebrew congregation, and while today it is known more for its crab cakes and filet mignon, the building’s history still echoes against the exposed brick walls and curved doorways. Patrons can dine outside on the restaurant’s long patio under fans or sip wine inside and peer out onto City Market through arched windows. Belford’s decor creates an elegant ambiance rivaled only by its food.

Belford’s serves lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch and specializes in steaks and seafood. The dishes are classic with a distinctly Savannah influence – a reflection of the establishment itself. For lunch, a Po’Boy sandwich is crafted with fresh wild Georgia shrimp, and at dinner Savannah red rice is served alongside the Glazed Pork Chop. The presentation of each dish also deserves recognition; whether you order a burger or a ribeye, each portion is made up like a piece of art.

Belford’s Shrimp and grits is elevated to fine dining, and a simple roast chicken becomes something much more complex.“Belford’s Award Winning Crab Cakes,” topped with lemon aioli and served with a spiced tomato jam, comes with Savannah red rice and asparagus spears, the crab cakes are voted the best in Savannah!

The Kobe Burger is grilled to medium rare with sautéed portobello mushrooms and Gorgonzola cheese, the burger includes a side of french fries and a pickle.

The Dishes: Fried Green Tomatoes appetizer, Belford’s Award Winning Crab Cakes and the Kobe Burger!

What’s Special About It?

Eleanor: “Upon entering the beautiful dining area, I found myself thinking of all the people who had walked through those doors before me. There’s so much history in Belford’s, and that alone makes dining here a worthwhile experience.”

Scott*: “It isn’t often you can order a burger to go with a glass of wine. Belford’s combines fine dining with classic American and southern food in a way that makes both comfortable to everyone.”

What Did It Taste Like?

Scott: “The Kobe Burger, topped with portobello mushrooms, was very tender and juicy, and the Gorgonzola added bite and depth to the overall flavor. The result of the combination was a bold taste tempered by the more classic side of french fries.”

Eleanor: “I can see why these crab cakes were voted the best in the city! Made with jumbo lump crab and pan seared to perfection, they were creatively paired with a tart lemon aioli and a spiced (and somewhat sweet) tomato jam that were both perfect compliments to each other and to the more neutral crab cakes. The fried green tomatoes appetizer was also matched well with a spicy remoulade and sweet corn salsa, and the tomatoes, though lightly battered and fried, were still fresh.”

What Did We Say About It?

Eleanor: “A true taste (both literally and figuratively) of Savannah.”

*Kenda was out of town visiting her family for this post, so Eleanor’s husband, Scott, served as the guest taster.

This review written by Fried Green Savannah.