Battlefield Memorial Park

Battlefield Memorial Park in Savannah

Photo courtesy of the Coastal Heritage Society.

Battlefield Memorial Park presents visitors and locals alike with a memorial to the hundreds who fought and died for freedom. On October 9, 1779, more than 8,000 troops of three armies fought during the Revolutionary War Battle of Savannah. Located in the Coastal Heritage Society’s Tricentinnial Park, Battlefield Memorial Park commemorates the second bloodiest battle of the war and marks where approximately 800 troops died or were wounded.


The Battle of Savannah was fought for control of the city. There were roughly 2,500 British defenders who wanted to keep Savannah within the clutches of the crown. They faced down a determined Allied force of 5,500 French and American troops. Soldiers from Haiti, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, and Poland took part in the fighting. When the smoke cleared the city remained in British hands.

In 2003, the City of Savannah purchased the battlefield. Battlefield Park began with the hard work of Coastal Heritage Society archaeologists who found evidence of the original Spring Hill Redoubt in August 2005. With the help of private donations and the support of the City of Savannah, Battlefield Park has been completed. Today, a century-old monument sits on top of what is left of the redoubt, and a new earthen fortification has been built to show visitors what the redoubt would have looked like.

800 Georgia granite stones represent those who died or were wounded during the battle. The stones are arranged in ranks of ten and represent the attacking columns. Five such columns attacked British enemy lines.

The stones are available to have engraved with the name and memory of a Revolutionary War ancestor. To learn more about how you can commemorate an important figure, visit Fundraising Campaigns.

Battlefield Memorial Park is located on the corner of Louisville and MLK, Jr. Blvd. between the Visitor’s Center and the Roundhouse Railroad Museum. For more information, call (912) 651-6825 or go to Guided tours and programs are available. Fees may apply.