Bartender Profile: Randy Niemann

Posted on February 6, 2014 by

Savannah’s best bartenders take a step out from behind the bar to tell us a little about themselves.

NameRandy NiemannTitleThe TenderAge28BarMurphy's Law Irish PubHometownFrankfort, IndianaYears Bartending7

Randy Niemann - Murphy's Law Irish Pub

The Drunken Irishman

The Drunken Irishman: Lime Vodka, Blue Curacao and Red Bull

What was your first drink?
A natty ice back at Purdue College. 

What inspired you to bartend?
Las Vegas. Seeing the people throwing mixing tins, bottles and catching them; it’s a good business. It brought me in, wanting to further me my skills. Not only is it fun, but each day is interesting—you don’t know who you’re going to meet. Every day is a different adventure.

What inspires you now?
Now I’m general manager, so I have a little more responsibility. It’s just more fun to me. My girlfriend says I’m a local celebrity, shaking hands like a politician—and I only have to work a couple nights a week.

Most popular drink:
The Big Ginger: a double shot of Jameson and Ginger Ale

Favorite drink to make:
Drunken Irishman: Lime Vodka, Blue Curacao and Red Bull

To drink?
Porters and Stouts, Whiskey and Scotch

What are you known for?
My personality and my demeanor really show through. I’m always happy-go-lucky; I’m always trying to find something new and interesting to do.

What’s your favorite part about being a bartender?
The interaction. Downtown Savannah is so close knit, I know at least one bartender, server or cook at every restaurant on Congress, Bay Street and River Street.

Favorite type of crowd?
It varies. We have tourists, SCAD students, and business clientele so it’s a nice little mixture. It keeps your drink knowledge suitable.

How do you handle a big crowd?
Music. It will help carry the crowd on a big night. As the night starts getting busier we’ll put on dance mixes to get the crowd entertained and keep them here.