Bartender Profile: Diana Hernandez

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Savannah’s best bartenders take a step out from behind the bar to tell us a little about themselves.

NameDiana HernandezTitleBartenderAge28BarRocks on the Roof at The Bohemian HotelHometownAguadilla, Puerto RicoYears Bartending6

Diana Hernandez - Rocks on the Roof at The Bohemian Hotel

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Champagne Cobbler

What was your first drink?
Redbull Vodka or a Smirnoff Ice. When you’re 17 it is the most delicious thing you’ve ever put in your mouth. 

My parents lived in El Salvador for about three months. I remember very vividly going to the mall, because that’s where the bars were located. So we went to the mall, to the one premiere bar. I can’t remember bartenders name, but he was a mixologist and a traveling bartender. So he was very, very good at what he did. I remember, very distinctly, every Friday night, going to that bar and having one table set up for all the marines with a bottle of Skyy Vodka and just a ton of Red Bull. 

What inspired you to bartend?
It’s fantastic for networking and you just always meet someone new. Just finding random common ground with a drink. Just recently we had a couple that had just moved here from Puerto Rico, another couple from Pennsylvania and across the bar there was a couple from Texas. They were all just talking. This is just a good way to bring people together and get everyone away from all the technology; it’s a way to force people to talk to each other again. 

Most popular drink?
Savannah Tea. It’s a glorified Long Island, taken to the next level. Instead of using tequila, we’ve actually substituted it with an Agave Triple Sec and instead of using vodka, we use a sweet tea vodka, so it has more of a tea flavor. It doesn’t have the harshness of tequila; it’s very easy and absolutely delicious to drink.

Favorite drink to make?
A very well executed Manhattan. It’s super simple, just a few ingredients, but being able to perfect the ratios and being able to speak to the guests about what they want—because there are so many ways to make a Manhattan. You’ve got a sweet, dry, perfect, in and out, pass the bottle, all these different variations of it. You can make it with a scotch or whiskey, but I prefer to make it with bourbon. 

To drink?

What are you known for?
I’m incredibly friendly. I always have a smile on my face. I have the ability to get to know someone very quickly. 

What’s your favorite part about being a bartender?
It’s really nice to talk to people and my schedule is great. As of right now I work about five days a week, sometimes four on the busy season. I live frugally enough that I could live comfortable working four to five days a week and I don’t have the nine to five job that everyone else has. 

Favorite type of crowd?
As a female, I’d say bachelor parties are my forte. Just because it’s fun and engaging and I guess you could call it shameless flirting, but of course it’s innocent, it’s just kind of fun. 

What’s something surprising about you?
I’m actually incredibly introverted. I have no problem holding a conversation with someone, but to be honest my preferred method of hanging out is in my house with a beer and two or three friends. Finding crowds at the bars just sounds daunting. Smaller crowds and just quiet. I’d much rather be out with my dog at the lake and with my boyfriend walking around in the quiet, than being with a lot of people.

Know your recipes, your basics,  your pours and always, always smile.